Chromecast Audio deal: Large Spotify streamer is once more at half value

UPDATE: For individuals who missed it last time, the deal is once more on at Currys and PC World (though no Argos this time). Go ahead and order it… you obtained’t regret it.

Chromecast Audio deal: Super Spotify streamer is back at half price

Google answered the prayers of many audiophiles last December when it did for music followers what it had executed for video fanatics with the Chromecast. A great deal of people nonetheless have gotten nice earlier audio setups that are caught throughout the days of CDs, tapes and MiniDiscs, whereas the whole thing is now streamed. Chromecast Audio brings these devices in from the chilly, letting you stream music to “dumb” audio system.

We beloved it after we reviewed it, giving it the entire 5 stars. That was when it value £30. Now a handful of retailers are selling it low-cost and, at half value, it’s positively worth choosing up. Proper right here they’re in alphabetical order, so resolve your retailer and seize one:

Currys – £15

PC World – £15

Every let you click on on and purchase, meaning you might be streaming Spotify to your sound system tonight.

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