Harry Redknapp has gone shopping for at GAME. We have 9 questions

Whereas concurrently pushing out more Black Friday gaming deals than you can shake a stick at, GAME has found time to get the shock celebrity endorsement of former West Ham, Tottenham Hotspur, Portsmouth and QPR supervisor Harry Redknapp. Ultimate seen being confirmed the door by Birmingham Metropolis, ‘Arry now seems to be filling his days searching for Xboxes, PlayStations, and Nintendo Switches.

All on the an identical day.

We have some questions.

Why is Harry Redknapp holding a press conference to publicise his shopping for habits?

Does he do that every time he goes to the retailers, or solely when he goes on a gaming spending spree? Why haven’t we been invited?

Why has AFC Bournemouth agreed to host it?harry_redknapp_has_gone_shopping_at_game

Doesn’t Bournemouth need its providers for its private press events? Or does Harry Redknapp merely have a key, and let himself in when he has one factor to announce about his personal life?

What questions would you even ask at such a press conference?

“Harry – Alan Martin, Alphr. Would you say that buying a PlayStation VR bundle for £249.99 was a better or worse deal than in case you paid £1,000,000 for Marco Boogers?”

If Harry loves a deal rather a lot, why is he not shopping for spherical?

Okay, Harry, whereas this deal on Wolfenstein II is hard to beat, you’ll want to really be shopping for spherical for greater prices on these consoles. The £175 Xbox One S at Asda for example. Come on Harry.

And Harry! At 3pm, there are going to be additional Mario Edition Switch bundles for £280 at Amazon. Do you proceed to have the receipt?

In precise reality, Harry seems to have paid any person to carry his shopping for. Why?harry_redknapp_has_gone_shopping_at_game

That’s clearly going to eat into his monetary financial savings.

Why has he paid 5p for a supplier bag he’s not using?harry_redknapp_has_gone_shopping_at_game

Don’t you care regarding the planet, Harry?

Why is Harry Redknapp defending Shadow of Battle away from the rest of his shopping for?harry_redknapp_has_gone_shopping_at_game

I can solely assume he plans on learning the handbook when caught at web site guests lights.

Does this suggest Harry Redknapp has traded in his Nintendo Wii?

Poor Jamie will in all probability be gutted.

Does GAME accept Etherium?etn_hk

UPDATE: There’s a video. Oh my.

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