The precise strategy to Uncover and Know Your Ping in Apex Legends

In multiplayer video video games, ping performs an necessary operate via the gameplay. In Apex Legends, doing irrespective of you’ll to reinforce hit detection and scale back lag is completely necessary in the event you want to assure a victory to your crew. Checking your ping and the information center that you just’re linked to are the first components proper right here. Moreover, you’ll be able to do it for every multiplayer sport you play. In Apex Legends, nonetheless, checking your ping isn’t that obvious and simple.

How to Find and Know Your Ping in Apex Legends

What Is Ping?

You may not care what ping is, as long as it’s throughout the low numbers, nonetheless actually understanding what it means may allow you to find your private strategies to lower it. The ping amount represents the time it takes for the server to acquire your laptop’s response. This amount is represented in milliseconds, and, the lower it is, the earlier your response is.

The earlier this happens in real-time, the upper, on account of your standing and place is perhaps updated additional sometimes, giving a clearer picture to the server and totally different clients on the server. In Apex Legends, this pertains to the whole thing, from shifting and taking photos to chatting and switching weapons. If a participant’s ping is just too extreme, you’ll sometimes see their character working in place, seemingly ‘blinking’ throughout the house, and displaying clear indicators of what is known as ‘lag’.

Clearly, this dilutes the game experience for everyone involved.

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Checking Ping

Altering the information center and checking your ping is unnecessarily troublesome in Apex Legends. It’s a giant downside, as expert gamers pay quite a lot of consideration to these components.

As a cross-platform multiplayer battle royale sport, Apex Legends is obtainable on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Methods for checking ping are comparable on every platform, though there are some minute variations. Let’s dive in.


First, you’ll need to begin out the game. As quickly as the game a whole bunch and in addition you see the first show display, let it sit idle for spherical 90 seconds. Don’t hit the Proceed button; merely let it sit for a while. After 90 seconds, hit Esc.

how to find and know your ping

You will be prompted to exit the game. As an alternative of exiting the game, select Cancel and in addition you’ll see a model new button, Info Coronary heart, pop up throughout the lower part of the show display. Click on on it and in addition you’ll see the itemizing of all obtainable information services and your ping to each one. Choose the information center with the underside ping amount and hook up with it.

Xbox One and PS4

Although the strategy is fairly comparable for the console mannequin of Apex Legends, there are some minute variations. First, start the game in your console. Look ahead to it to load and don’t click on on Proceed. Let it sit like that for two minutes (keep in mind that it is 90 seconds for the PC mannequin). As quickly as the two minutes have handed, navigate to the Accessibility menu and exit it.

Whenever you’re doing this on an Xbox One console, press the correct stick and the Info Coronary heart menu must pop up. On PS4, press the R3 button to indicate the menu.

The precise strategy to Lower Ping

As a rule of thumb, the server that is the closest to your location is the one choice, on account of it permits increased server-to-PC communication. Protect this in ideas when choosing servers.

On PC, go to the Course of Supervisor by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Sift by the itemizing of open apps and shut that these you don’t need, as they is perhaps compromising your connection.

Reset your router. Unplug it, depart it off for 5 minutes, and swap it once more on. This will help it relax and can enhance the connection.

Completely different Causes for Lag

In case your ping is low and in addition you’re nonetheless experiencing lag, exit the game and simply keep in mind to’ve closed all internet-based functions. Whenever you’re listening to music on YouTube whereas having fun with, shut the browser window and see if lag nonetheless persists. Whenever you’re a console gamer and are using a laptop computer laptop or cellphone to play music from YouTube or totally different streaming suppliers, this can possible overload your connection and set off connectivity factors and lag.

There are totally different causes for the lag in Apex Legends that aren’t basically your fault. It’d seem to you that you are the one experiencing connectivity factors, but it surely absolutely is perhaps that the alternative avid gamers are these with extreme ping. Moreover, Apex Legends servers aren’t good (no sport server is) and the difficulty might very properly be with them.

Lag doesn’t should be a consequence of a sluggish connection. Your PC’s {{hardware}} merely is not going to be as a lot because the obligation. You may meet the Apex Legends minimal system requirements, nonetheless you’ll probably must lower the graphics if you don’t meet the helpful ones.

Minimal System Requirements

a) Dwelling home windows 7 64-bit

b) Intel Core i3-6300 3.8GHz or AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor

c) NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 or Radeon HD 7730

d) 6GB RAM


Helpful System Requirements

a) Dwelling home windows 7 64-bit

b) Intel i5 3570K or equal

c) Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290

d) 8GB RAM


Take a look at the requirements and look at them collectively along with your PC’s specs sooner than you blame the lag in your internet connection or that of various avid gamers. This, the truth is, doesn’t go for the console avid gamers. If there’s lag on the console variations of Apex Legends, it is almost definitely ensuing from extreme ping.

Always Know Your Ping

As you’ll see, getting particulars about your ping is unnecessarily refined in Apex Legends. Nonetheless, it is going to be vital that you just maintain it in confirm and swap servers if there is a increased one.

Have you ever ever ever expert a lag in Apex Legends? How did you lower your ping amount? Share your concepts and experiences throughout the suggestions underneath.

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