How to Get Bits in Hypixel

Bits may be probably the most beneficial foreign money in Hypixel. You’ll be able to spend them at Elizabeth’s Neighborhood Store for a number of gadgets, permitting you to expedite your progress. Nevertheless, earlier than you possibly can spend Bits, you’ll first must farm a sizeable chunk of them.

How to Get Bits in Hypixel

If you wish to buy groceries in Hypixel and wish some funds, you’re in the precise place.

This text exhibits you the way to get Bits in Hypixel and explains numerous methods of acquiring this foreign money, enabling you to buy the beauty Hologram, Warmth Core, and different unique gadgets.

Methods to Get Bits in Hypixel

Bits have been launched within the 0.9 patch and have shortly develop into the driving drive of energy and magic within the Hypixel world. Getting them shouldn’t offer you a tough time. Listed here are a number of at all times to acquire Bits in Hypixel.

#1. Go to NPC Elizabeth to Get Bits

Elizabeth offers you one free cookie if you be part of the server. Cookies provide a number of advantages, however the capacity to acquire Bits is on the high of the listing. After you’ve eaten the free cookie, it’s essential to pay for any further ones as you want them. Right here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the Neighborhood Middle.
  2. Go to the NPC Elizabeth and right-click her.
  3. Discover the Booster Cookie.
  4. Purchase the Booster Cookie for 325 SkyBlock Gems (or seize your first one free) to allow your character to amass Bits.
  5. Devour your Booster Cookie, and also you’ll have the ability to earn Bits for the following 4 days.

In addition to permitting you to acquire this foreign money, the Booster Cookie additionally offers a bunch of helpful buffs. The listing features a 20% EXP bonus, a 15% larger likelihood of Magic Discover, and Permafly on non-public islands.

There are a number of methods of acquiring this foreign money when you’ve consumed a Booster Cookie:

#2. Play Skyblock to Earn Bits

All it’s a must to do to earn Bits is play the SkyBlock recreation mode, though earnings are minimal. Each half-hour, you obtain 250 Bits, which retains going till you attain your Bit cap.

The variety of Bits you possibly can purchase is determined by your Fame degree. The 4,800 Bit cap solely applies to the lowest-rank gamers.

#3. Enhance Your Fame Stage in Hypixel

Top-of-the-line methods to extend Bits in Hypixel is to get Fame as a result of it will increase the Bit depend for consuming booster cookies. To boost your Fame degree in Hypixel, spend your SkyBlock Gems and Bits within the Neighborhood Store.

Whereas only one Bit spent by Elizabeth offers you one Fame, one SkyBlock Gem within the Neighborhood Store offers you with 200 Fame, and so does a contribution to neighborhood initiatives. Donate numerous gadgets to the Neighborhood Mission, and Tiers 1 to three will provide you with 200 Fame, whereas Tier 4 gadgets will grant you 600 Fame.

#4. The Dungeon Grind

The variety of Bits obtainable by this technique is determined by your Dungeon Ground issue degree. As an example, Ground 7 is presently the best choice, awarding you 50 Bits when you’re on the lowest Fame Rank. Ground 6 is rather less beneficiant, granting you 20 Bits in case your Fame degree is minimal.

#5. Kill Dragons to get Bits

One other technique to get Bits is to kill Dragons. Slaying the creatures offers you 10 Bits, however you’ll want to organize for the struggle correctly. It’s simply not that straightforward.

To struggle dragons, it’s best to receive the next:

  • 400+ Def (Protection)
  • A bow, ideally Runaan’s Bow
  • Power Potions for improved Harm
  • Important Potions to extend Crit Likelihood and Crit Harm
  • Arrow Potions to extend injury and velocity
  • Tarantula Helmet to extend Intelligence, Well being, and Protection
  • AOTE and grappling hook to enhance mobility

Whereas all the above gadgets usually are not necessary, they may actually assist you defeat the dragon.

You’ll additionally face a number of Endermen throughout your dragon struggle. If you happen to can’t look away from them, equip your self with a Carved Pumpkin. It really works like a masks and means that you can stare at Endermen with out scary them.

All this preparation received’t earn you any Bits except you possibly can summon a dragon. After you have a dragon to struggle, carry out actions together with the next:

  • Standing on Obby pillars close to the alter to scale back/stop dragon assaults
  • Stabbing the dragon each time it rests subsequent to you (you possibly can solely fly and stab it with mana)
  • Acquiring Dragon Hunter 3 or above to ship max injury
  • Utilizing Tarantula Armor to double-jump and melee the dragon

#6. Get rid of the Endstone Protector

The Endstone Protector is a boss you possibly can kill for 20 Bits. It spawns in numerous Dragon’s Nest areas after you’ve killed 5,000 Zealots within the server.

Because the Endstone Protector is one other formidable enemy, you don’t need to begin the struggle unprepared. Right here’s what it’s best to equip when you’re a melee:

  • Emerald Blade infused with the One for All enchantment
  • Historic Elegant Tuxedo
  • Crown of Greed or Warden Helmet
  • Legendary Golem Pet or Legendary Dragon Pet
  • Assist Objects: Manaflux/Plasmaflux Energy Orb/Overflux and Bizarre Tuba

Mages are greatest off with the next construct:

  • Hyperion or Midas’ Workers
  • Necrotic Elegant Tuxedo
  • Any Helmet aside from the Wither Goggles
  • Sheep Pet

The Endstone Protector at all times spawns behind the Endstone Statue. It’ll assault the closest participant and quickly swing its arms, flinging them and dealing lots of injury. However since it will probably solely goal one character at a time, different gamers can hack away on the boss whereas he’s distracted.

One other useful tactic is to neutralize the Endstone Protector’s AOE assault that launches close by floor gamers into the air and inflicts True Harm. The simplest technique to keep away from this assault is to leap up simply earlier than the Endstone Protector performs it.

As soon as his 5 million HP bar is all the way down to zero, he’ll offer you 20 Bits and a bevy of different improbable gadgets:

  • Between one and 10 Enchanted Finish Stone
  • One Enchanted Rose
  • As much as two Crystal Fragment
  • As much as one Golem Pet and Tier Increase Care

#7. Finishing the Goblin Raid

The Goblin Raid is a Dwarven Mines occasion that grants you 10 Bits. Various kinds of Goblins spawn throughout this occasion, and your crew must kill 1,000 of them to complete the mission.

One of the best technique when collaborating on this occasion is to strategy the Superprotectrons shortly and hit them. This tactic considerably will increase your kill depend.

As well as, don’t overlook to kill the Goblins contained in the Goblin Burrows. These enemies depend towards your kill counter, making them a viable goal for farming with out worrying about different gamers. The one two varieties it’s best to keep away from are the Knifethrowers and Fireslingers since eliminating them received’t carry you nearer to your purpose.

In addition to awarding you 10 Bits, the Goblin Raid additionally offers you mining expertise, Mithril Powder, and the Coronary heart of the Mountain expertise. Nevertheless, you’ll must kill a minimum of 25 Goblins to earn these rewards. If you happen to obtain 100 factors throughout the occasion, you’ll additionally unlock the Goblin Slayer achievement.

Hypixel SkyBlock: Get Bits From Cookies

Step one in incomes Bits is to buy and eat a Booster Cookie. When you’ve purchased one from Elizabeth and used it, your pool of obtainable Bits will enhance to a minimum of 4,800, relying in your Fame degree.

However as quickly as you eat a Booster Cookie, you’ll immediately obtain 250 or extra Bits. The bonus repeats each half an hour of recreation time, permitting you to go AFK and earn a large variety of Bits.

Extra FAQ

What Can You Do With Bits in Hypixel SkyBlock?

You’ll be able to receive Bits in Hypixel SkyBlock to purchase a myriad of highly effective gadgets, together with the Jumbo Backpack, Dungeon Sack, Beauty Hologram, Colossal Expertise Bottle, and extra.

You may also use Bits to conduct faster experiments. They allow sooner vitality restoration for the Experiment Desk, permitting you to get again into motion in much less time.

On high of that, Bits can work as a large contribution to Neighborhood Initiatives by feeding the employees, granting you Fame.

The Hunt for Bits Is On

Bits may give you a a lot smoother journey within the Hypixel world, be it by distinctive gadgets or further Fame. Going AFK may be the most secure technique to receive the foreign money, however it’s nowhere close to as enjoyable as killing Dragons or finishing the Goblin Raid. Other than giving your Bits, these action-packed occasions entail unimaginable awards and provide spectacular crew fights.

What strategies and suggestions do it’s a must to receive Chunk in Hypixel? How do you defeat the Dragon if you play? Tell us within the feedback part beneath.

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