How To Swap Two Rows in Google Sheets

Making tables in Google Sheets is straightforward and gratifying. The app is free and packs some extreme firepower, being among the many many most interesting on-line spreadsheet devices spherical.

How To Swap Two Rows in Google Sheets

Nonetheless, you don’t need to make use of all of Google Sheets’ power to swap two rows in a column, notably within the occasion that they’re subsequent to 1 one other. Let’s take a look at quite a few strategies to swap a pair of badly positioned rows in a Google Sheets desk.

Drag and Drop

There are a selection of easy strategies to switch the places of two rows in a Google Sheets desk. On this half, we’ll have a look at the most effective one – the drag and drop methodology. Keep in mind that this technique solely works for adjoining rows and you may’t swap two separated rows this trend.

For the wants of this and the other two sections, we’ll use a desk of essential statistics for generic fantasy races. Our roster consists of dwarves, elves, folks, orcs, ogres, and goblins. The preliminary desk seems to be like like this.

Let’s say that you just’re not pleased with the way in which during which playable races are ordered and in addition you want to swap the places of the Ogre and Goblin rows. To do this, you’ll solely need your mouse. Let’s see the way in which it’s accomplished.

  1. Left-click on the amount six left of the Ogre cell. This fashion you’ll select your complete row.
  2. Left-click on it as quickly as additional and keep the left mouse button down.
  3. Drag your complete Ogre row down one place. You’ll be aware a grey outline of the row as you progress it.
  4. Launch the left mouse button as quickly because the Ogre row is completely overlaying the Goblin row.

Copy and Paste

The copy and paste methodology permits you additional flexibility in relation to swapping the rows. In its place of solely adjoining rows, now you possibly can swap any two rows you want. Nonetheless, you acquired’t be able to swap them instantly. In its place, you will have to repeat one row exterior the desk.

For this half, we’ll take the desk as a result of it was on the end of the sooner half. We’ve moved the Goblin row above the Ogre row, nevertheless let’s say we now want to swap the positions of the Goblin and Elf rows. Proper right here’s how to do this using the Copy/Paste function of Google Sheets.

  1. Left-click on the amount 3 subsequent to the Elf topic.
  2. Press the Ctrl and C keys in your keyboard collectively.
  3. Select a row exterior the desk. For this occasion, the tenth row will simply do good. Left-click on amount 10.
  4. Press the Ctrl and V keys in your keyboard collectively. The tip end result must look one factor like this.
  5. Subsequent, select the Goblin row.
  6. Press the Ctrl and C buttons in your keyboard collectively.
  7. Select the third row, the distinctive row with the Elf statistics.
  8. Press the Ctrl and V buttons collectively. This may increasingly paste Goblin on the third row.
  9. Now, select row 10 then press the Ctrl and X buttons collectively.
  10. Select row 6 then press Ctrl and V. The tip finish end result ought to seem like this.

There’s one different technique to utilize the Copy/Paste methodology. On this case, we’ll use the an identical place to start as throughout the first Copy/Paste methodology. Observe these steps.

  1. Correct-click on the third row, the Elf row.
  2. Select the Copy alternative from the drop-down menu.
  3. Correct-click on the tenth row.
  4. Select the paste alternative.
  5. Correct-click on the sixth row, the Goblin row.
  6. Select the Copy alternative.
  7. Correct-click on the third row, the Elf row.
  8. Select the Paste alternative.
  9. Correct-click on the tenth row, then select Cut back alternative from the guidelines.
  10. Lastly, right-click on the sixth row, then choose Paste.

The desk must look exactly the an identical as throughout the closing image.

Vitality Devices

Lastly, Google Sheets allows you to swap the desk rows by the use of Vitality Devices. Keep in mind that the Vitality Devices alternative is not accessible and that you just’ll have in order so as to add it to Google Sheets. Go here and click on on on the Free button to get the Vitality devices extension.

You could be prompted to select which of your Google accounts you want to add the extension to. Select the one you’re using to make and edit your sheets and tables. Then, select the elements of your Google account you want to add it to. Make certain that to check Google Sheets.

As quickly because the arrange is accomplished, we’re capable of uncover row swapping with Vitality Devices. Keep in mind that this software program is advisable for purchasers who should sort and restore big numbers of tables repeatedly. Nonetheless, proper right here’s the easiest way to swap two rows in Google Sheets using Vitality Devices. On this occasion, we’ll try to swap the Elf and Dwarf rows.

  1. Select the Dwarf row.
  2. Keep holding and select the Elf row. The desk ought to seem like this.
  3. Click on on on the Add-ons tab throughout the Menu bar above the desk.
  4. Click on on on the Vitality Devices alternative throughout the drop-down menu.
  5. Click on on on the Start button throughout the adjoining drop-down menu.
  6. Click on on on the three little dots throughout the Menu bar.
  7. Select the Flip icon, the one on the right.
  8. Select the “Flip entire rows” alternative from the drop-down menu.

Observe: Within the occasion you try swapping two rows that are not adjoining, Vitality Devices will not work. For swapping separated rows, it is best to depend upon the great outdated copy/paste methodology.

Place Every Row The place It Belongs

Swapping the places of two misplaced rows in a Google Sheets desk is a little bit of cake. With the methods described on this write-up, you’ll sort your tables in a minute.

Do you utilize drag and drop copy/paste, or do you depend upon Vitality devices? Are there each different strategies to swap rows that we haven’t coated? Inform us throughout the suggestions beneath.

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