Is Nintendo planning an entirely superfluous Sport Boy Mini?

Whilst you uncover a hen that lays Fabergé eggs, you don’t accept just one or two sooner than letting the hen benefit from a relaxed retirement. By the similar token, it is going to be very odd if Nintendo decided to call it quits with the massively worthwhile NES Conventional and SNES Mini. There have already been indicators that the Dwelling of Mario has eyes on an N64 Mini, nonetheless now research are circulating {{that a}} Sport Boy Mini could also be throughout the (warp) pipe line.

Is Nintendo planning an entirely superfluous Game Boy Mini?

The murmurings come from a patent, seen by a Twitter bot. Proper right here it is in full, full with a picture of the Sport Boy everybody is aware of and love:

We perhaps don’t should bear the charade of pretending I converse Japanese, nonetheless individuals who do counsel it consists of the phrases “dwelling on-line sport consoles” and “packages for smartphones” alongside phrases like “watches” and “necklaces”. Reverse to early research, the phrase “Conventional Mini Sport Boy” doesn’t operate.

So this may merely be Nintendo defending its logos – which could make sense. In any case, whereas there’s a wonderful case for up to date remakes of dwelling consoles (SCART ports aren’t the norm in 2017), the distinctive Sport Boy runs merely fantastic to this day. And your original Game Boy cartridges work just fine on the Game Boy Advance if in case you’ve gotten one knocking spherical. For the big show experience, you could possibly probably even whack one throughout the GameCube Sport Boy participant.

Nonetheless, with the appropriate video video games included, there’s undoubtedly a market available on the market for a remade Sport Boy – nonetheless a solo experience pitched in opposition to smartphone video video games is a much more sturdy promote than the SNES Mini and NES Conventional which have been constructed for nostalgia-fueled two-player gaming lessons.

Apart from one thing, time wasted on slimming down the Sport Boy pushes once more any R&D on a GameCube Mini – and that’s one factor I undoubtedly one factor I should be the first in line for. And if you really want a tiny Sport Boy, you can always make your own.

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