South Park mocks Zuckerberg for unfold of fake info

Oh how ironic it is that within the similar week Mark Zuckerberg tries to show himself as a likeable high-fiving cartoon character who takes a leisurely tour of ravaged Puerto Rico, South Park savagely takes him down in cartoon-fashion too? In a biting snipe on the Fb chief, the current presents him as an evil man who secretly loves fake info for its surefire moneymaking outcomes. What per week he’s having.

South Park mocks Zuckerberg for spread of fake news

The episode has the gang type a superhero squad and tries to advertise Netflix a set about their epic adventures. Nevertheless their arch-nemesis, Professor Chaos, discredits them, destroying their reputation by releasing fake info on Fb after which promoting the content material materials using Fb ads. A model that has worked quite well for others in the past.

Sadly for them, their mom and father be taught the not completely flattering fake info. And in a rage, their mom and father invite Zuckerberg into metropolis the place he appears to be a fairly annoying arm-waving caricature. Sounds eerily similar to one different cartoon-version of Zuckerberg.

When requested why they’d let Professor Chaos unfold fake info regarding the youngsters, Zuckerberg replies: “Simple, he paid me $17.23”.south_park_mocks_zuckerberg_for_spread_of_fake_news_-_1

Then in a brutal and true criticism of the social group, Professor Chaos sums up the connection between Fb and fake info in a single swift, clear assertion.

“I make money from Fb for my fake content material materials in an effort to pay Fb to promote my fake tales.”

Cue burn gif.

The episode arrived at an unfortunate time for the Fb CEO who was rightly slammed for misjudging the mood with a VR-advertorial visiting disaster-hit Puerto Rico.

So two cartoon missteps for Mark Zuckerberg this week – and whereas he can grumble about his activate South Park, the one broadcast reside on Fb is completely of his private making.

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