South Park: The Fractured Nevertheless Full is now on sale – and it’s absolute filth

South Park: The Fractured Nevertheless Full is now on sale. The long-awaited RPG is available on the market on Amazon and from Game throughout the UK for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The same old sport costs £44.99 or you can purchase a collector’s model for £79.99. There are totally different bundles and variations counting on the place you buy the game, and some embody collectible collectible figurines and others with a headset. 

Our preview of South Park: The Fractured Nevertheless Full is beneath.

South Park: The Fractured Nevertheless Full

South Park: The Fractured Nevertheless Full is the follow-up to a pleasant shock: a South Park sport that actually felt choose it belonged in Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s disturbing universe. 2014’s South Park: The Stick of Truth was a tie-in cope with, hoisting the long-running current’s scatological gags and grotesque populace with out abandoning its wide-reaching satire and surprisingly tender moments. It appeared and felt like an interactive extension of what you’d see on TV, constructed spherical a turn-based RPG system that, if not groundbreaking, was a worthwhile physique for the game’s madcap story.

Better than this, your entire concept was a realizing, diegetic motive for gameplay throughout the first place. It started with the considered youngsters collaborating in on the road; live-action roleplaying spherical a platter of fantasy tropes. This clever technique is sustained throughout the titter-titled sequel, South Park: The Fractured Nevertheless Full – swapping Lord of the Rings and Recreation of Thrones for Marvel and DC comics.

The South Park “Coon and Buddies” episodes kind the backbone of the opening story, with Cartman deciding to start out out dressing up as his “Coon” alter ego beneath the guise of rescuing a missing cat. The palette might have shifted in course of superhero motion pictures and comic books, nevertheless the underlying technique is sort of in keeping with its predecessor. The broad strokes of struggle, for example, are the equivalent as Stick of Truth, with players and enemies taking turns to wallop each other with a handful of strikes – plenty of which might put the sufferer in a “grossed out” state, the place they’ll vomit on themselves and in the end exit. The Fractured Nevertheless Full broadens the amount of playable characters in each battle to 4, giving a sizeable amount of scope for approach, and hopefully avoiding a number of of the later-game repetition that bothered Stick of Truth.

Ubisoft’s latest foray into South Park territory begins very like all RPG, with character creation. From there you hit the possibility to pick out explicit superhero powers, swiftly examined in opposition to gender-furious rednecks, paedophile monks and a lot of strangers’ bogs. The Fractured Nevertheless Full carries on instantly from its predecessor, with you reprising your place of New Baby. After a brief intro sequence in Stick of Truth’s world of dragons and wizards, points pivot in course of rival gangs of superheroes and villains. From there, you’re swiftly given a chance to resolve on between three starting programs; the nippy Speedster, the tank-like Brutalist, and the long-range Blaster.

The game’s affiliate producer, Kimberly Weigend, suggested me that creating the struggle involved a lot of forwards and backwards with South Park’s creators – Matt Stone and Trey Parker: “We pitch points once more to South Park and say ‘proper right here [are] the powers we’re pondering of for the characters, what do you suppose?’ Matt and Trey are enormous gamers. Trey is definitely into board video video games. They suppose there’s a lot of price in making an interactive medium for South Park. It would’t merely be the South Park wrapper spherical any outdated sport.” It looks like a considered technique; I’m uncertain the equivalent could also be talked about for 2000’s South Park Rally.

The precise pleasure in The Fractured Nevertheless Full doesn’t come from the RPG dressings themselves, nevertheless one of the best ways they’ve been constructed throughout the universe of the TV current. As an illustration, considered one of many first duties you’re given is in order so as to add followers to your Instagram-like Coonstagram account. This entails pestering people to have a selfie taken with you, and results in a feed of characters’ posts and suggestions on each other’s pictures. It concurrently provides an impulse for exploring and “gathering” different people throughout the metropolis; serves as a communication hub for quests; and is a funny pisstake of the social capital given to Likes and follows.


The participant is free to wander into just about all people’s residence, and much of my hands-on time was spent poking spherical for environmental jokes in people’s drawers and bogs. You’re moreover able to utilize their bathroom by a thumb-pad-twiddling mini-game, which is diverting nevertheless will get outdated shortly. There moreover isn’t an extreme quantity of choice throughout the homes, a minimal of in these opening hours, so it’ll be attention-grabbing to see how The Fractured Nevertheless Full mixes up its environments afterward.

A crafting mechanic, a Batman-style detective-vision mode and utilizing “artifacts” to boost stats all add a bit further depth to the moment-to-moment gameplay of The Fractured Nevertheless Full, which tumbles from one outrageous set piece to a unique. One notably offensive half observed me stopping off two monks in a locked room, definitely considered one of them attempting to hit me with rosary-style anal beads. Not a sport to play collectively along with your mom and father, then.

A broadening of Stick of Truth’s struggle system is appreciated, nevertheless lastly it’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s involvement as writers and voice actors that makes the game so pleasurable. Whether or not or not the overarching conceit of Ubisoft’s technique, of children play-acting on South Park’s streets, holds up for a third outing stays to be seen, nevertheless on the proof of its first few hours, The Fractured Nevertheless Full is a disgusting riot.   

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