What Does the SnapChat Star Indicate

There have been quite a few misunderstandings regarding the Snapchat gold star icon and what it might indicate for purchasers and their associates. When phrase purchased out once more in 2015 that the star wanted to do with replaying snaps, many erroneously assumed that it was a creepy method of telling completely different of us how usually you replayed their snaps. In numerous phrases, in case you seen the star subsequent to a pal’s icon, that pal had replayed your snap.

What Does the SnapChat Star Mean

Others went out on a limb and guessed that the gold star meant not solely that the person had replayed their snaps, nonetheless that they’d replayed these snaps quite a lot of events, thus amping up the creep difficulty. Now of us could inform if any person was obsessing over their snaps.

Nonetheless, neither of these are true. In case you see the gold star subsequent to an individual’s determine in your pal document, it tells you nothing about how that individual views your snaps. All it means is that one other individual replayed that particular person’s snaps beforehand 24 hours. Principally, it’s Snapchat’s method of telling you that one in all your mates has simply currently snapped one factor fascinating.

Properly, on the very least any person thought it was fascinating.

If you happen to want a gold star of your particular person, you’ll be prepared for a while. Snap one factor worth re-snapping and your determine will appear with a gold star subsequent to it in one other individual’s account. Nonetheless you can not even know.


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